kids planting seedling in the ground

The gift for all ages – Teach your kids about gardening, nature and the responsibilities of caring for a living creature

kids planting in a pot

Nowadays, kids are so easily pulled to the screens, whether it’s the smartphones, computers or TV, it’s almost impossible to find them doing anything else but staring at screens. Although it’s a different time and age, it’s still vital to keep that bond with nature that we so desperately need as humans living on this earth. Making our kids spend time outside in nature rather having them spend all day indoor is a hard task. But it’s possible to have them learn a bit about nature while acquiring some other skills at the process, and it is very likely they will end up enjoying it and embracing it as a hobby.

Discover a family bonding experience for all ages to enjoy.

Family mending to a bonsai tree

Start at the beginning

It is well known that the best way to learn things in life is to start at the bottom, learn the basics, gain experience and little by little master at what you do. Same goes with gardening. The best way to get to know what you grow is to start it from seed. Bonsai trees are not the easiest to start with as they require more maintenance than the typical herb, but they do give the best satisfaction when grown.

Man and child shaping a bonsai tree

Let them choose for themselves what they are going to grow

Natureit Bonsai starter kits include 4 different types of beautiful, easy to grow, popular Bonsai tree verities. The Siberian Elm, the Colorado Blue Spruce, The Black Spruce or the Rocky Mountain Juniper are all great choices to start with when growing your first Bonsai tree. Our seeds are all certified, high germination rate, freshly harvest and are picked so you will have a verity of colors and species when they are grown.

Grandfather pruning bonsai tree with grandson

Growing it indoor

Another great thing about Natureit seed starter grow kits is that you can use them to grow your plants anywhere. Whether you have a backyard or just a small apartment, you can grow them indoor or outdoor, which makes it accessible for everyone. Once they grow big, you can start learning and teaching your kids on how to repot, transplant and later on trim and shape the tree.

Girl spraying water on a bonsai tree

Suits all ages

It is known that a child feels more important, helpful and gains confidence when is given more responsibilities or even just fun tasks around the house and in day to day life. Whether it’s a boy or a girl, a toddler or a teenager, everybody can pitch in and help in this family project.

Every parent knows how hard it is to keep his toddler’s hands clean when eating dinner. They’d love to help crumbling the soil and placing it in the pots. The bigger kids can also help sow and cover the seeds, while your teenager can go ahead and choose his tree type, take all that he needs from the kit and do the whole process on his own.

Anyone who’s never experienced it before won’t know how good you feel when you see the first seedling sprout out of the soil. It really is the feeling of giving something life. And it is amazing to see it in your kids’ eyes when they experience it. You might be surprised how much they’ll enjoy it and how well they’ll learn about nature and caring for a living plant.

And who knows, maybe before you know it your kid will learn to appreciate nature and forget the screens for a while ;)

Happy growing!


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