About Us

The story of Natureit began when I first wanted to explain to my son & daughter a bit about how plants grow. I decided we will sow a real seed of a Tree and watch it grow. 

When I started looking for gardening materials to grow indoor I came across so many different instructions and important information on how to successfully grow various plants from seed, which materials to use, when to sow and what's the exact process. The timelines for each period in the growing process.. I was amazed of how much information there is to know. 

After finally getting all the components we need to grow, we followed the instructions and managed to plant our first Tree seeds.

Everyday my kids used to go and watch at how the tree is sprouting, then rising and growing branches and leaves. I remember them saying: "Look at how it grows daddy! It's so much fun, let's do it again! Let's grow more plants!"

Then I realized this is far more than just an educational experience for them, this is a great family and bonding activity and it brings so much light and happiness to the house.  

I decided, why not make this experience accessible for everyone? Why not make one small kit that has EVERYTHING YOU NEED to start your own indoor garden? All the materials, components and information you need.

So we created this little kit for beginner gardners and this awesome brand called Natureit and we are hoping everyone can enjoy the same experience we did as a family. 


If you are happy with our products, please leave us a review and help spread the word by telling others about it. If there is anything we can do to make your experience better, please contact us at Grow@natureit.co.

Also, we are always so happy to see what you've grown, so please share your gardening experience with us and tag #Natureit on social media!