Red Hot chili peppers

How to care for your pepper plants

You’ve manage to get your Natureit Hot Chili Peppers seeds to sprout and the little seedlings are growing. It’s now time to make sure they have all they need to be healthy and strong and get them ready to grow wonderful peppers.

everything you need to grow 4 chili peppers from seed

Here are a few important tips that will help you care for your growing seeds and get the best yield out of your newly planted Pepper plants.

Peppers like sun!

Make sure you give your newly sowed seeds warmth. Once they sprout, provide your seedlings with plenty of warmth and sun light to allow them to grow strong.

Fertilize –

Fertilizing pepper seedlings

When your seedlings are starting to grow a few leaves and reaching about 6” in height it is time to add some nutrients to their soil. Make sure you buy the right soil to use with Peppers and that you are using it according to the instructions on the fertilizer.

Re- plant when needed –

Replanting Peppers

After your seedlings are starting to compete for space and are about 6” tall you should transfer them to a bigger pot. With our biodegradable pots you are able to re-plant right in the ground. It makes it very simple and easy. All you need to do is cut of the bottom of the pot to allow the roots to keep developing into the ground.


Soil in hands shaped as heart

Make sure you add new soil when replanting and allowing the plant and its roots to get fresh nutrients from the ground.


Happy Growing!

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