Bonsai tree gardening tools

Best garden tools for growing a Bonsai

Bonsai tree tools

Having the correct tools to use is crucial when nurturing your bonsai tree and growing it to look as you imagined. Bonsai’s are not just like any other plant that you can just sow in the ground and let nature take its course. It takes a lot of caring, watering, exposing to sunlight or keeping away when needed, providing nutrients until the point you feel bonded with the tree.


The best tool set to care for your bonsai tree

Another big part of the bonding process is when you are manipulating the way it grows in order to give it the look that you always dreamed of.

Without the correct tools you won’t be able to properly shape your tree. You might tear off a root or crack a branch trying to bend it with your bare hands. Here are the essentials when your bonsai grows and reaches a big size.

Bonsai pruning shears

Trimming Shears 

Trimming shears come in a verity of shapes and sizes; they are not the simple item they seem to be. Each size and shape has its purpose and own use.

When pruning, you will want to use shears that are similar to scissors. Their edges are sharp which enables you to get a clean cut that safely removes excess leaves and twigs. 

When cutting the larger branches you will need to use a wider trimmer with an “O” shape that provides a clean cut.

Don’t try to hack the branches off with regular shears. If you try to rip or tear them it will cause a “wound” that will take more time healing and might cause infections.

Garden tools and wire cutter

Wire Cutters

When you shape your bonsai with wire, as he grows, it is important to remove and adjust the wire according to the tree size. If not removed the wire might grow into the trunk and branches, harming them in the process.

Using wire cutters is especially useful in taking care of this problem. Their edge has a pointed, curved tip that works similarly to that of a crab claw. It's able to pinch away and remove wire causing minimal to no harm when pressed against the trunk or branch of the bonsai tree.

Wired and shaped bonsai tree branches

A Root Rake

It’s recommended to rake the soil at least once a week to provide aeration and keep excess water from piling up and causing mold.

When you repot your plant, the root rake also comes in handy, working gently to separate the roots that are tangled up together. The flat end helps pushing soil in the new pot. 

Bonsai gardening tools shovel root rake

Bonsai Brush

Using a bonsai brush helps stimulate and promote healthy root and trunk growth. It is rough and has steel bristles that help remove dead and dying bark. It’s also a good way to brush soil away after you've moved your tree into its new home.

Bonsai tree gardening tools scissors brush root rake shears

 A Water Mister

Any plant, especially young ones, need moderated watering. Using a water mister to water your plants is the perfect way to get both enough water to your plant and prevent over watering and drowning him, leaving the soil drenched with water and the roots unable to absorb all.  

Happy growing!

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