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Aloe Vera Plant Pot

Aloe Vera Plant Pot

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  • Botanical Name: Aloe Barbadensis Mill
  • Common Names: Chinese Aloe, First Aid Plant, Burn Aloe, True Aloe.
  • Description: The Aloe Vera is a stemless succulent with thick and fleshy leaves that are lined with small teeth making it a great ornamental, low maintenance indoor plant which blooms a yellow tubular flower in the summertime. Native to the Arabian Peninsula, this plant is widely used around the world as its leaves are considered to be antimicrobial and has been used to treat burns as a topical medication.

Shipping & Packing



Our plants are shipped in custom boxes to ensure a healthy delivered plant.

We have additional packing procedure for tall, big, and multiple plants. Tall/ big plants are stabilized with a wooden stick and shipped using special inserts that lock in houseplants.


- 4" nursery potted plants - 1lb
- 6" nursery potted plants - 3lb 

Care Instructions

Make sure you water your aloe vera deeply, but not frequently.

In order to avoid overwatering your Aloe vera plant, give the top part of your potting soil to dry out in between watering.

Normally speaking, its best to water your aloe vera plant between 2-3 weeks during spring and summer and even less frequent during the fall and winter.

Contact us for more information on how to grow your Aloe plant in a perfect manner

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Aloe Vera - A Plant With Incredible Benefits

Aloe Vera is a plant that gives you multiple
benefits in everyday life and is known for anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. The transparent gel has been used as a makeup remover, hair conditioner, brow gel, and medical uses as well as edible purposes too. Aloe Vera has also been proven to purify the air of toxic chemicals.

Bring the lush green healing aloe at your home garden or living room.